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1Event Outline 117-05-2021 19:15638835./getPDF.aspx?Filename=3005.pdf
2DRAW OF LOTS (12-06-2021)11-06-2021 18:14946490./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Draw of lots (12-06-2021).pdf
3DRAW OF LOTS INCL. RESULTS (11-06)11-06-2021 17:44326155./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Draw of lots incl. results (11-06).pdf
4DRAW OF LOTS INCL. RESULTS (12-06)12-06-2021 18:21951661./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Draw of lots incl. results (12-06).pdf
5DRAW OF LOTS INCL. RESULTS (13-06)13-06-2021 20:24968424./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Draw of lots incl. results (13-06).pdf
6DRAWSHEETS INCLUDING RESULTS DAY 1 CADETS10-06-2021 15:441250133./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Drawsheets including results Day 1 Cadets.pdf
7INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (10-06)10-06-2021 17:001570318./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Individual Results (10-06).pdf
8INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (11-06)11-06-2021 18:142626330./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Individual Results (11-06).pdf
9INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (12-06)12-06-2021 18:212565460./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Individual Results (12-06).pdf
10INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (13-06)13-06-2021 20:292597177./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Individual Results (13-06).pdf
11TEAM TROPHY CADETS14-06-2021 14:512851867./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Team trophy cadets.pdf
12TEAM TROPHY JUNIORS14-06-2021 14:513029171./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=1866\Team trophy juniors.pdf
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