On this page you can read news about this subscription site and the tournaments available. Organizers can send news which we will publish on this page.

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7272Improved performance startscreenToday we have improved the performance of the startscreen with the list of tournaments. It shows now much faster as before. We also fixed some slow queries causing the database server to block other requests.14-02-202416:00
7171Updated performance TPSSWe have improved the performance of TPSS by installing a new database engine. Also fixed code where the database were locked sometimes too long.10-01-202417:15
7070New website and more events...Since March we have the new website TPSS2021 in place. We are also happy to see more events coming and also the traffic on the websites is increasing again.
For the new website this is really the first test so we are really your feedback. If you encounter any issues whatsoever please be so kind to report them.
We can only solve issues when they are reported. Thank you for your understanding.
6969Error when trying to get results from earlier eventsSince introduction of the new TPSS2021.EU website, the current website TPSS.EU was not able to show the documents for results from events. This was due to user rights on the server. The issue is now resolved and results can be obtained as usual.05-04-202109:43
6868Bug fixed with entering freestyle teamsWe have fixed a bug when entering competitors in a freestyle team (5 competitors). The age category was not correctly saved and therefore the import in TaekoPlan did not show the correct team; the competitors did not have freestyle team activated. This bug is fixed in the TPSS.EU website and was not visible in the TPSS2021.EU site.03-03-202108:16
6767TPSS2021 is officialy launched as the new website for subscriptionToday we have launched TPSS2021 as the official new website for event subscription. The site is completely new built with lots of new features, a modern, customizable look and more options to download to CSV, Excel, PDF etc. Please give feedback on the website as we are interested to know what you think about it. The URL is https://tpss2021.eu.03-03-202107:24
6666TPSS moved to a new serverWe are pleased to announce that TPSS has moved to a new server with more capacity. This was the good time to switch due to Covid-19 unfortunately and the number of daily visitors. But we expect this to get better in 2021.19-12-202000:18
6565SOLVED: Foreigh character issue on TPSSI am happy to announce that I finally was able to solve the issue with the special characters in the different languages. Instead of ? characters now the correct ones are being shown. This was really a long lasting problem. We will update the translations in the coming week so they are all complete. If anyone wants to assist in this, please let me know.16-01-201820:42
6464TPSS moves to HTTPS://Today we have moved TPSS to HTTPS://. This is the secure URL instead of the normal HTTP one. The move was necessary to be compliant with dutch regulations and GDPR, which will be active starting May 18th, 2018. This puts clear restrictions on data security. You may have encountered some small hickups in the afternoon, but now everything is working ok. If you have any issues please leave feedback with the special form on the left side of the loginpage. The secure website is also required for the final roll-out of the Paypal payment addition, which was already there for a while, but not yet activated. 02-01-201820:39
6363Change of IP addressTonight TPSS.EU has been changed regarding IP address. This could cause TPSS not to be found by your browser. If this happens, clear the browser cache and retry. The DNS servers around the globe need to propagate the IP address change. Thank you for your understanding!29-12-201700:14
6262Redesign of the websiteThe website has had a small redesign to make it more readable. Removed the coloured backgrounds and replaced it with just white.21-12-201711:44
6161Open Westvlaams Kampioenschap cancelledBeste team,
Gezien het beperkte deelnemersaantal zijn we genoodzaakt deze wedstrijd te annuleren. Het inschrijvingsgeld dat eventueel al betaald werd wordt terug overgeschreven op uw rekening.
We wensen u te bedanken voor de interesse en het vertrouwen en hopen u weldra op een andere kyorugiwedstrijd te mogen ontmoeten. Onze excuses voor het ongemak en veel succes verder.

Cher team, Compte tenu du nombre limité de participants, nous sommes contraints d'annuler cette compétition. Le frais d'inscription, qui a été déjà payé, sera transféré sur votre compte.
Nous tenons à vous remercier de l'intérêt et de la confiance et espérons vous rencontrer bientôt dans une autre compétition. Nous nous excusons et nous vous souhaiter bonne chance.

Best team, given the limited number of participants, we are forced to cancel this competition. The registration fee, which was possibly already paid, will be transferred back to your account.
We wish to thank you for the interest and confidence and hope to meet you soon on another competition. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you all the luck.
6060Major outage due to dDOS attack on providerDue to a big dDOS (denial of service) attack on our provider, tpss.eu and tpss.nl were not reachable tonight from 20:15 upto 22:30. We apologize for this, although we can not do anything about it. The server was running normally, but could not be reached. Currently the service has been restored. Sorry for any inconvenience.Kind regards, TPSS Administrator18-03-201422:36
5959GAL and GOL for competitors and offcialsTo all users, competitors and officials:

Please note that for each tournament with the WTF License logo it is compulsary to provide the license ID for each competitor and official! Failing to do so might block participation for the specific tournament. If you have a valid license no. available, please fill it in. If you have applied for a license you have to provide proof during registration for the tournament at the venue. If you don't have a valid license and you did not apply, please be aware that participation can be blocked.
This is an important notification and you are bound to the restrictions for G1 tournaments.

On behalf of the tournament organizations,

TPSS Administrator.
5858Mail server problems; Mail was not sent to non-local addressesDear User,

During the last week we noticed that several users complained about not receiving any email for authorization, activation, confirmation of subscription dtails and so on.
This was caused by a mail server issue which caused the emails to be blocked before they were sent.
We have solved this problem today, so you should receive the emails again without problems as it was before.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

TPSS Administrator
5757Upload pictures for European Junior ChampionshipsDear head of teams and coaches,

Please upload pictures of ALL your competitors and officials for this championship.
Unfortunately, during the last cadet championship, several countries did not do this.
Please be aware that this will cause extra waiting time during registration and also extra work for the OC which is not necessary.
So we kindly request you to provide all pictures.

Thank you for your cooperation!

On behalf of the ETU Competition management,

Ronald Sens
5656Upload recent pictures for European Championships Cadets and ParaDear head of teams,

Please upload recent pictures of your competitors for the European Championships Cadets and Para in Bucharest, Rumania.
We noticed in the past that a lot of pictures uploaded are really out-of-date. This should not be the case.
So please check the pictures of your competitors and provide the most recent ones.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Kind regards,
TPSS Administrator on behalf of the ETU.
5555Important: Swiss Open 2013ATTENTION: to all teams participating to SWISS OPEN 2013

Category Female -67 kg has been moved from Sunday 9th June to Saturday 8th June!

Dear Head of Teams, Coaches and Competitors

Notice 1:

Swiss Open G1 2013 will be held in conjunction with the 4th WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championship.
As indicated on the official invitation of Swiss Open, Saturday morning (June 8th) will be for only Male +80 kg and Female +67 kg (only 55 competitors).
Please download the updated invitation of Swiss Open 2013 from www.tpss.nl
Because of the exceeding number of competitors, one category has to be moved from Sunday 9th of June to Saturday 8th of June. This category is Female -67 kg.
Thank you for your comprehension and we are sorry for any inconvenience resulted from this change.

Notice 2:

As you know, the on-line registration is closed because we have reached 300 athletes, initially 250.
You can still modify your entries, changing names, changing weight categories, and add officials and removing competitors but no more addition for new competitors.
I received lots of demands for registration but I had to answer negatively to these demands because we reached the total permissible number.

Accordingly, if you are not 100 % sure of coming or if some of your athletes are not coming, I would greatly appreciate if you can remove these athletes from the on-line registration platform or to communicate this to me at swissopen@taekwondo.ch.

Please make sure that all athletes have the WTF GAL Card, because the GAL cards are obligatory and all competitors have to show their cards during registration.

Also, please register all you officials and ask for their accreditation.
No officials, under any circumstances, will be allowed to join the Field of Play without Official Accreditation.
Competitors and officials are requested to upload their ID photos for the accreditation cards.
Some teams have uploaded their photos, and thus we urge the remaining teams to do so.
Any accreditations missing the picture will not be allowed to access the field of Play during the championship.
For those teams who did not pay the registration fees, you are kindly requested to make the transfer to our bank account as soon as possible.
The late registration, after May 10th, 2013, will cost 60 Euros instead of 55 Euros.
Please note that teams have to send their proof of payment. Registrations are only valid when payments have been received and can be confirmed by the Bank and the Organizer.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Please accept my best regards and looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne.

Dr. Walid YOUNES
Secretary General - Swiss Taekwondo Federation
Chairman Organizing Committee- Swiss Open 2013
Tel. +41763083877
E-Mail : mailto:swissopen@taekwondo.ch
Web : http://www.taekwondo.ch
5454Problems with registering competitorsDear subscribers,
During the last day we had some issues with subscribing competitors for any tournament.
This was due to an error that occured after regular maintenance of the website yesterday.
The site is now working fine again and you can enter your competitors.
Sorry for any inconvenience you might have encountered.
If you need more time to enter your competitors, please let us know and we will assist you on this.

In the meantime we will monitor the functionality of the site, but it is stable again.

Kind regards,
TPSS Administrator
5353Belgian Open Kyorugi 2013: Authorization queueDear head of teams and coaches,

Due to the great amount of subscriptions already entered for this championship, the organization has decided to authorize teams which are in the queue for the longest period of time.
At the moment we have 45 teams left in the queue, that want to be authorized.
They all have requested authorization from march 8th on. Depending on the no. of participants, the organization will allow more teams to enter their competitors.
But as you might understand, there is a limit to the capacity for two days of competition. So please be so kind to await the reply on your request. The organization will really try to allow as many competitors as possible.
Subscription close is set to the 18th of march unless capacity has been reached.

On behalf of the organization of the Belgian Open,
Kind regards, TPSS Admin
52522nd Swiss Open 2013: AnnouncementAll,

You can already request authorization for the 2nd Swiss Open, but for the moment you are not allowed to enter your participants.
We are awaiting info for the weightclasses for the tournament.
As soon as we know these, the tournament will be updated and you will be informed.Kind regards,
On behalf of the tournament organization.
5151European Championships for Clubs: Important Notice!To all head of teams and coaches,

Please note that subscription for this championship is ONLY allowed for club teams.
No entries for national teams will be authorized.
We also reject more than one authorization per clubteam.
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact us.

Kind regards,
On behalf of ETU Competition Management,
Ronald Sens
5050Results Ukraine Open 2012We have published all results of the Ukrain Open 2012 in Charkov from oct. 5/6. You can find tem under the Results option.16-10-201211:27
4949Results Russian Open 2012We have published all results of the Russian Open 2012 in Moscow from this weekend. You can find tem under the Results option.16-10-201211:26
4848European Championship Seniors: Pictures!Dear head of teams and coaches,
Please note that is compulsary to attach pictures for ALL competitors and officials for this championship.
We will not make pictures during registration.
Any accreditations missing the picture will not be allowed access to any zone during the championship.

So if you have not yet uploaded pictures, please do it before subscription closes.
Thank you for your cooperation,
On behalf of the tournament organization,
TPSS Administrator
474715eme Championnat de Suisse de Poomsae Taekwondo 2012: Classes missingTo all subcribers for the 15eme Championnat de Suisse de Poomsae Taekwondo 2012: the class for Poomsae was not available to select. This has been fixed, so you can enter your competitors now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, TPSS Administrator.
4646Belgian Open 2012The results of saturday for both kyorugi and poomsae have been published. Unfortunately we were not able to provide live results on saturday due to technical issues with the internet connection. We will try it on sunday again.

Kind regards,

TPSS Administrator
4545Issues with registering new accountDear user,

During the last days we have suffered from some issues with the registration of new users. The 'search team' button was not working or the system seemed to 'hang'.

This was due to an upgrade of the website for the correct showing of all languages, which has finished now.
We are now able to show Russian, Greek, Arabic and Polish the way it should be.
If you still encounter an issue, please contact us.

TPSS Administrator
4444Special character problem almost solvedDear user,

We have upgraded our database engine which enables us to almost solve the special character issue that we had until now with some languages. For the moment Polish and Russian and Arabic are not working as it should be. This will be solved within the next days. All other languages are shown correctly. Also entering names of competitors, officials and teams is now ok.

Kind regards, TPSS Administrator
4343Trelleborg Open 2012 Subscription close!Dear TPSS Users,

Due to the high number of subscriptions already in for this tournament, the organization has decided to close the subscription today.
We accept a maximum of 1200 participants for this tournament. We will watch the no. of competitors by allowing authorization 1 by 1.
The teams that have requested first will be allowed first. As soon as the limit is reached, we will close. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are limited to a certain no. of participants. Teams that are not authorized will be put on a list.

Best Regards,
TPSS Administrator on behalf of the tournament organization of the Trelleborg Open 2012.
4242Trelleborg Open 2012 Subscription will close earlierDear TPSS Users,

Due to the high number of subscriptions already in for this tournament, the organization has decided to close the subscription today.
We accept a maximum of 1200 participants for this tournament. We will watch the no. of competitors by allowing authorization 1 by 1.
The teams that have requested first will be allowed first. As soon as the limit is reached, we will close. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are limited to a certain no. of participants. Teams that are not authorized will be put on a list.

Best Regards,
TPSS Administrator on behalf of the tournament organization of the Trelleborg Open 2012.
4141Subscription for the European Olympic Qualification TournamentDear Users,

Unfortunately we are not allowed to enable subscription for this tournament. This is due to the fact that all subscriptions need to go through the WTF.
No participating country will be able to see any other subscribed participant for this tournament until WTF publishes the final and official list to all federations involved.

The list will be made visible on TPSS as soon as it is available for public viewing.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but we can not change this.

Kind regards,
TPSS Administrator
4040Results of VII campeonato de Espana SUB-21 publishedDear User,

We have today published the results of last saturday's championship in Alicante.

regards, TPSS Administrator
3939TPSS.NL now also to be reached using TPSS.EUDear subcriber,

From today on the website TPSS.NL can also be reached through TPSS.EU.
Just enter http://www.tpss.eu in your browser and you will be redirected to TPSS.NL.

Kind regards, TPSS Administrator
3838All results of the European Championships Juniors 2011 publishedWe have published all drawsheets, rankings and team classifications of the European Championships for Juniors, held in Paphos Cyprus last week.
Feel free to download these if you need to.

TPSS Administrator
3737Results of Svenska Cupen 1 addedWe have added the results of the Svenska Cupen 1 from today, saturday sept. 24th. You can find these under Results.24-09-201122:52
3636Activation problemsDuring the last week we have had a problem with the activation of new accounts.
It has been solved now and the backlog of activation requests has been processed tonight.
If you have requested activation of your subscription and were not able to activate your account, please try again.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

TPSS Administrator
3535Results of 1st Russia Open publishedWe have published the results of the 1st Russia Open. You can find these under Doc's/results.10-09-201119:26
3434TPSS available in Polish languageWe have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the TPSS
website in the polish language.
Click on the polish flag to select that language.
We are still working on some minor translation issue, but these will be solved soon.
If you have any feedback on the translation please let us know.

Regards, TPSS Administrator
3333Seeding by Taekwondodata

Source: Homepage ETU

New Seeding System for Tournaments

The ETU ExCo decided about a new seeding system for tournaments at its meeting in Tbilisi. The new system is based on the Taekwondo Data database and will be employed for the first time at the European Taekwondo Junior Championships in Cyprus 2011.
For all competitors and coaches:
Please download and study the Powerpoint presentation and explanation of the new seeding system here.

3232New start page for TPSSDear Users,

The TPSS website has a new startpage which give you detailed information before you login.
You can see all active tournaments, read the outline by clicking the PDF icon, checking the latest news and get information on no.'s of users, teams, competitors and logins.

Regards, TPSS Administrator
3131Problem mit der ersten GewichtsklasseIn letzter Zeit haben wir Info bekommen das Eintraege mit der ersten Gewichtsklasse (die Niedrigste) in Deutscher Sprache der Website fehl schlugen.
Wir haben das Problem Heute gefunden und geloest.
Alle Sprachen der Website, nur nicht Hollaendisch und Englisch, waren davon betroffen.

Es sollte jetzt richtig weiter gehen.

Mit Freundlicher Gruss,
Ronald Sens
3030No live results Austrian Open 2011Dear TPSS users,

Unfortunately we can not provide live results of the championship.
This due to the fact that we can not combine both internet and our local network.
We will try to find a solution tomorrow (sunday).
Results will be published as PDF at the end of the day.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

2929Problem solved with login pageTo all users:

Finally the problem is solved that you were redirected to the login page a lot of times during your visit to TPSS.
Of course this was not meant to work like this. We now have found the cause and solved it.
After logging in once you will stay in your session until you logoff.
You will not see the login page again unless you ask for it yourself.
2828Upload of photos completely updatedDear Users,

The upload facility has been completely renewed. Besides the fact that the upload is now working more reliable, you can now also see your own archive of uploaded pictures.
The next step will be that you can remove older pictures,
You can replace pictures with newer ones by just uploading the more recent ones under the same name.
2727Character set issuesDear Users,
At the moment we experience some problems with the correct character sets. Especially confirmation emails are hit by this problem. A lot of special characters are shown incorrect.
This is caused by the multi-lingual base of the website.
We are doing our utmost to solve this as soon as possible.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but this problem does not affect subscription in any wat.
Thank you, TPSS Admin
2626Trelleborg Open 2010 Subscription closeDear Head of teams and coaches

Subscription for the tournament is open until monday night, January 25th 12 o'clock. Please check you entries for omissions and correct them if necessary.
New entries are still allowed. Subscription will be closed if the total no. of approx. 850 is reached.

Tournament organization Trelleborg Open
2525Extended subscription for Trelleborg Open 2010To all head of teams and coaches,
The subscription period for the Trelleborg Open 2010 has been extended to january 27th.
So you can still subscribe competitors and offcials for the first A-Class tournament of the year.

Best regards,
Tournament organization of the Trelleborg Open
2424Your subscriptions through TPSSAll tournament organizations can use the TPSS website to acquire their subscriptions for the tournaments.
License holders of TaekoPlan pay a yearly fee, non TaekoPlan users pay a low, competitive and fixed fee per competitor entry.
TPSS will setup your tournament on the website.
Output can be done in any requested format, no restrictions apply.
If you are interested, please send an email to info@tpss.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.
2323Subscription open for European Seniors ChampionshipsThe subscription for this year's European Championships for Seniors has been opened. All european countries can subscribe their competitors and officials.
It is highly recommended to also add pictures of all participants to the subscription.
These pictures will be printed on the accreditation cards for the tournament.
If you have any questions about subscription for this tournament, please contact us through the contactform.

ETU competition management.
2222Open Rijnwoude Sparring 2009 inschrijving verlengdIn overleg met de organisatie is de sluitingsdatum voor de inschrijving voor dit toernooi verschoven naar 23 november a.s.
Als u nog deelnemers wilt aanmelden, heeft u dus nog de tijd t/m maandagavond a.s.

Vriendelijke groet,
Toernooi organisatie Open Rijnwoude Sparring 2009
2121European Championships: Photo'sTo all head of teams of the participating countries: please upload pictures of your competitors and officials for these tournaments. You would help the organization by uploading them.
Otherwise we have to take them during the championships registration and that would cost extra time.
Thank you, ETU tournament organization.
2020European Cadets Championships 2009From june 26th upto june 28th the 3rd European Championships for Cadets are being held in the city of Zagreb in Croatia. You can follow the championship live on this website. Just click on Live Results on the left menu and select the tournament from the list.
You can also select specific categories.

We hope you will enjoy this service.
1919World Team CupFollow the results from the World Team Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, live on TPSS. From thursday on the results will be published live. 24 Male and 24 female nations are figthing for the World Team Cup. TaekoPlan has been invited to be in Baku as co-organiser by WTF. 09-06-200920:34
1818Serbian language now availableFrom today on the TPSS website is also available in the Serbian language. Some small corrections to be made perhaps, but anyone in need for this language can use it.09-06-200917:55
1717Live ResultsUnfortunately we had some problems with producing the live results during the Dutch Open 2009 in Eindhoven.
Our internet connection failed to get the connection to the website.
We have actually updated the DutchOpen2009 website during the days to keep you informed.
The next tournament (German Open) will create the live results.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,
Tournament Organization Dutch Open 2009.
1616Subscription close Dutch Open 2009To all teams,

The organization of the Dutch Open 2009 has momentarily closed the subscription for the Dutch Open. Due to the enormous amount of subscriptions we have to close down. After entering subscriptions that have come in through email and fax, we will consider whether or not to temporarily reopen.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but this year's tournament is really limited to 900 competitors as maxmum.
As soon as we have more information, we will brief you instantly.
Any pending authorizations will not be handled for the moment.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience,
Organization Dutch Open 2009
1515Subscription Dutch Open 2009Dear Head of teams and coaches

As has been announced before, the only valid subscription for the Dutch Open is through this website. Any subscriptions through the other available website are not valid and will not be processed.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
If you have made subscriptions on the other website, please cancel these and subscribe on tpss.nl

Thank you,
Organization Dutch Open 2009
1414Dutch Open with adidas EBPDear Head of teams and coaches

We are please to announce that the Dutch Open 2009 will be using the adidas electronic body protectors. Both for the junior and senior competition.
If you need mor information, please use the contactform on the website from the dutchopen 2009.

Tournament organization Dutch Open 2009.
1313Trelleborg Open 2009 Subscription CloseDear Head of teams and coaches

Due to the fact that the expected no. of competitors has been reached earlier than expected, the subscription on the internet will close tonight 12 o'clock. Authorizations today will only be done by Mr. Chakir Chelbat. If you have any questions regarding your subscription, just send him an email. After close you will not be able to change your details. Any changes must then be made through the contact form on this website.

Thank you for your understanding,
Organization trelleborg Open 2009
Mr. Chakir Chelbat
1212TPSS available in Swedish languageFrom today the TPSS website is available also in the swedish language. Some small translation issues need to be solved yet, but it is finished for 99%. Thanks to Eva and Chakir Chelbat of Trelleborg Taekwondo TKD for their excellent assistance in checking our initial translation and correcting it where necessary.15-01-200923:45
1111Site Web maintenant en langue français!Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que la version français est disponible depuis aujourd'hui. Nous avons une demande: si vous rencontrez des erreurs de traduction, s'il vous plaît nous le faire savoir. Nous avons donné notre meilleur effort à faire aussi bon que possible. Merci!23-12-200812:42
1010TPSS in turkish languageThe translation to the turkish language has been postponed until june.22-12-200809:18
99TPSS in spanish languageThe TPSS website is now also available in the spanish language! Select the spanish flag on the right to switch.08-01-200921:31
88Website updateThe website has been regularly updated during the last weeks to add more functionality. Today we have added the Print page button. This button is shown whenever it is possible to print a part of the page shown.
The tournament list, overview categories in a tournament and your own archive of competitors and officials can be printed.
If you need more options, please let us know through the contact form.
77Swedish Championships 2008All results from the Swedish National Championships have been uploaded and are available under Results/draws. You can download any of the PDF files available.07-12-200822:40
66Trelleborg Open 2009 fixed Age categoriesDear Head of Teams and coaches.
You might have noticed that the age categories for the Trelleborg Open 2009 were not correct. This has been fixed and all entries so far have been repaired. You might check your entries whether they are ok.
New entries won't have any problems and can be entered.
Tournament organization Trelleborg Open 2009
55TPSS in Deutscher Sprache eroeffnet in zwei WochenIn drei Wochen wird diese Website auch in der deutschen Sprache zur Verfuegung stehen. Im Moment findet die Uebersetzung statt. Ab Sonntag den 28. Dezember wird er aktiv sein.05-12-200813:23
44Swedish National Championships 2008Dear head of teams and coaches.

The draw for the national swedish championships 2008 on december 6th has been done. The draw is available under Results and then the header Draw for tournaments.
Separate PDF files are available for miniors, cadets, juniors and seniors.
33Dutch Open 2009Dear head of team or coach,
Please note that the Dutch Open 2009 will be organised by the team that used to
do it upto 2006. Any subscriptions made through the website MA-REGONLINE.COM
are NOT repeat NOT valid for the tournament and will not be accepted.
Only entries made through TPSS.NL (this website) will be valid.
Detailed tournament information will follow later this week. Subscription is already open.
22Open Rijnwoude Sparring 2008De inschrijving voor dit toernooi is gesloten. U kunt geen wijzigingen meer aanbrengen.
Wel kunt u onder 'uw info' een overzicht zien van alle gewichtsklassen. Controleert u svp of uw deelnemers in de goede categorien zijn ingedeeld.
11Design refreshThe website has been refreshed. We have given it a somewhat better outlook. The buttons have been standardized, we added a left frame with some options. New options include Contact, news and results27-11-200814:15