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1Event Outline 105-04-2022 12:36144296./getPDF.aspx?Filename=3214.pdf
200 LIST OF SINGLE COMPETITORS06-05-2022 23:58100638./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\00 List of single competitors.pdf
301 DRAWS PUPILS06-05-2022 23:58925894./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\01 Draws pupils.pdf
402 DRAWS YOUNGER CADETS06-05-2022 23:58928405./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\02 Draws younger cadets.pdf
503 DRAWS CADETS06-05-2022 23:58928394./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\03 Draws cadets.pdf
604 DRAWS JUNIORS AND SENIORS06-05-2022 23:58933417./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\04 Draws juniors and seniors.pdf
705 FIGHTNUMBERS PER TEAM06-05-2022 23:58150708./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\05 Fightnumbers per team.pdf
8RESULTS DRAWS CADETS08-05-2022 09:57929132./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results draws cadets.pdf
9RESULTS DRAWS JUNIORS08-05-2022 09:57923304./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results draws juniors.pdf
10RESULTS DRAWS PUPILS08-05-2022 09:57927564./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results draws pupils.pdf
11RESULTS DRAWS SENIORS08-05-2022 09:57978267./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results draws seniors.pdf
12RESULTS DRAWS YOUNGER CADETS08-05-2022 09:57930723./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results draws younger cadets.pdf
13RESULTS TEAMS08-05-2022 09:57573338./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Results teams.pdf
14YOUNGER CADETS FEMALE B 42 AND CADETS MALE B 37 CORRECTED07-05-2022 09:23890852./getEventPDF.aspx?Filename=2074\Younger cadets female B 42 and Cadets male B 37 corrected.pdf
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