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Category  Round  
CategoryRoundRanking CountryCompetitorTeamAverageAccuracyPresentation
Category: Ind Under 65 Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 65 Female-AFinal1MEXRAMIREZ MUNOZ Germana Rocio Queretaro6.402.633.77
 Ind Under 65 Female-AFinal2MEXHERNANDEZ GARCIA Rafaela MICHOACAN5.522.233.28
Category: Ind Under 60 Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 60 Male-AFinal1MEXNuñez Villaseñor Hugo JALISCO6.882.903.98
 Ind Under 60 Male-AFinal2MEXMACIAS REYES Antonio ZACATECAS6.802.903.90
 Ind Under 60 Male-AFinal3MEXFRAUSTO MIRANDA Jose Maria JALISCO6.782.853.93
Category: Ind Under 60 Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 60 Female-AFinal1MEXFLORES PANIAGUA Maria Elena Queretaro6.852.903.95
Category: Ind Under 50 Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 50 Male-AFinal1MEXMORENO VALENZUELA Israel UNAM6.922.924.00
 Ind Under 50 Male-AFinal2MEXPEREZ RODRIGUEZ Jose Juan Queretaro6.732.833.90
Category: Ind Under 50 Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 50 Female-AFinal1MEXCHAVEZ PASOS Violeta Bernardet Queretaro7.303.084.22
 Ind Under 50 Female-AFinal2MEXFLORES PEREZ Zuleica IMSS4.751.952.80
Category: Ind Under 40 Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 40 Male-AFinal1MEXSALMERON CARDONA Carlos Abraham Queretaro6.902.923.98
Category: Ind Under 40 Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Under 40 Female-AFinal1MEXFIGUEROA RESA Laura EDOMEX7.683.184.50
 Ind Under 40 Female-AFinal2MEXRAMIREZ ROJAS Karla Patricia JALISCO7.253.004.25
 Ind Under 40 Female-AFinal3MEXROMERO VILLANUEVA Jessica EDOMEX7.102.934.17
Category: Ind Under 30 Male-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals1MEXDIAZ MALDONADO Miguel Angel JALISCO7.573.204.37
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals2MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Roy Gamaliel AGUASCALIENTES7.533.174.37
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals3MEXGARCIA AMEZCUA Cesar Emilio JALISCO7.503.174.33
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals4MEXGALINDO GUTIERREZ Josue JALISCO7.473.134.33
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals4MEXJIMENEZ PAULIN Josue Angel EDOMEX7.473.134.33
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals6MEXAYALA TALAVERA Vaslav Jehudiel CDMX7.473.134.33
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals8MEXALGER VELASCO Alec YUCATAN7.403.104.30
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals9MEXLUNA GARCIA Enrique Queretaro7.403.134.27
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals10MEXOJEDA JURAIDINI Said Queretaro7.373.104.27
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals12MEXGALINDO GUTIERREZ Samuel JALISCO7.203.004.20
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals13MEXORTIZ ZAVALA Jose Antonio ZACATECAS7.103.004.10
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals14MEXARRIAGA VERA Alfonso De Jesus AGUASCALIENTES7.072.974.10
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals15MEXLINALDI SANCHEZ Joseph TABASCO7.072.974.10
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals16MEXAGUIRRE ORTIZ Sem Yhered JALISCO7.032.974.07
 Ind Under 30 Male-ASemifinals17MEXGUAJARDO SANCHEZ Angel Gerardo NUEVO LEON6.932.934.00
Category: Ind Under 30 Female-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals1MEXESPINOSA VILLEGAS Valeria CDMX7.503.174.33
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals2MEXRODRIGUEZ PENA Martha Paulina EDOMEX7.473.174.30
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals3MEXMENDOZA GARCIA Alexandra JALISCO7.303.104.20
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals4MEXRODRIGUEZ PENA Ana Patricia EDOMEX7.103.004.10
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals5MEXPEREZ RODRIGUEZ Elizabeth TABASCO7.002.934.07
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals6MEXPEDROZA JIMENEZ Fernanda Carolina AGUASCALIENTES6.972.974.00
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals7MEXPADILLA CUEVAS Naomi Maite CDMX6.872.903.97
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals8MEXMATIAS GARCIA Dayra EDOMEX6.802.873.93
 Ind Under 30 Female-ASemifinals9MEXCERVANTES REYES Angel Vanessa COAHUILA6.302.603.70
Category: Ind Junior Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal1MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Obed AGUASCALIENTES7.833.334.50
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal2MEXMORENO GOMEZ Juan Carlos YUCATAN7.573.234.33
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal4MEXLOBATO PRIETO Isaac Alejandro TABASCO7.503.224.28
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal5MEXMENDEZ ZENTELLA Brian Aleandro TABASCO7.253.124.13
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal6MEXLOMELI FLORES Cristian Daniel JALISCO7.233.074.17
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal7MEXMORENO GOMEZ Miguel Angel YUCATAN7.203.084.12
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal8MEXFRIAS MOZO Nery Alexander SINALOA7.153.054.10
 Ind Junior Male-AFinal9MEXGONZALEZ GOMEZ Carlos Manuel EDOMEX7.103.034.07
Category: Ind Junior Male-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals1MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Obed AGUASCALIENTES7.703.274.43
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals2MEXCERVERA GARCIA Hugo Daniel JALISCO7.503.174.33
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals3MEXMORENO GOMEZ Juan Carlos YUCATAN7.303.104.20
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals4MEXLOBATO PRIETO Isaac Alejandro TABASCO7.303.104.20
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals5MEXMORENO GOMEZ Miguel Angel YUCATAN7.273.104.17
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals6MEXLOMELI FLORES Cristian Daniel JALISCO7.233.074.17
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals7MEXFRIAS MOZO Nery Alexander SINALOA7.203.034.17
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals8MEXGONZALEZ GOMEZ Carlos Manuel EDOMEX7.203.074.13
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals9MEXMENDEZ ZENTELLA Brian Aleandro TABASCO7.203.074.13
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals10MEXELERIA GUERRERO Diego Alexander TABASCO7.173.074.10
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals11MEXMEJIA DIAZ Samuel Jonas JALISCO7.133.034.10
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals12MEXDOMINGUEZ CASTILLO Jesus Alfonso SINALOA7.103.034.07
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals13MEXREYES MARTINEZ Sergio Lysander OAXACA7.032.974.07
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals14MEXAGUIRRE ORTIZ Joshua Samuel JALISCO6.632.803.83
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals15MEXGUERRERO NUNEZ Jesus GUERRERO6.602.773.83
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals16MEXKANG Kun Woo NUEVO LEON6.302.603.70
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals17MEXREYES MARTINEZ Franco EDOMEX6.202.603.60
 Ind Junior Male-ASemifinals18MEXDIAZ TRUJILLO Mateo CDMX5.532.303.23
Category: Ind Junior Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal1MEXALEKC HERNANDEZ Brisa Alexandra CDMX8.103.374.73
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal2MEXHERNANDEZ LE ROYAL Gabriela Guadalupe OAXACA7.783.274.52
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal4MEX LOZOYA REYES Thelma Victoria NUEVO LEON7.503.174.33
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal5MEXGARCIA ESCOBAR Sara EDOMEX7.373.054.32
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal6MEXVELASCO HERNANDEZ Sofia Ayelen AGUASCALIENTES7.353.104.25
 Ind Junior Female-AFinal7MEXLEE KIM Na Yeon Yenny NUEVO LEON7.333.034.30
Category: Ind Junior Female-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals2MEXHERNANDEZ LE ROYAL Gabriela Guadalupe OAXACA7.833.304.53
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals4MEXLEE KIM Na Yeon Yenny NUEVO LEON7.633.234.40
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals5MEXGARCIA ESCOBAR Sara EDOMEX7.573.104.47
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals6MEXVELASCO HERNANDEZ Sofia Ayelen AGUASCALIENTES7.533.174.37
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals7MEX LOZOYA REYES Thelma Victoria NUEVO LEON7.533.174.37
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals8MEXMORALES BECERRA Maria Paula Queretaro7.473.174.30
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals9MEXMARTINEZ RAMIREZ Ana Gyanna NUEVO LEON7.403.104.30
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals10MEXISLAS QUEZADA Cristina AGUASCALIENTES7.403.134.27
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals11MEXLOPEZ PAREDES Atia Camila EDOMEX7.273.034.23
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals12MEXTORRES SANCHEZ Maria Jose JALISCO7.233.074.17
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals13MEXABAD PIZANO Narda Isabella JALISCO7.203.004.20
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals14MEXMAGDALENO SANTOS Sofia AGUASCALIENTES7.133.034.10
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals15MEXMARQUEZ CORONA Camila IPN TKD7.002.934.07
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals16MEXCASTELLANOS MENDOZA Martina IMSS6.972.904.07
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals17MEXUC GUTIERREZ Stephany Alejandra QUINTANA ROO6.932.904.03
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals18MEXMORENO TAPIA Karla Argentina COAHUILA6.732.803.93
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals19MEXACOSTA VALADEZ Paula Nicole SINALOA6.502.673.83
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals20MEXCASTAñEDA GONZALEZ Barbara SINALOA6.472.673.80
 Ind Junior Female-ASemifinals21MEXSANCHEZ PICON Natalia Isai GUANAJUATO6.132.573.57
Category: Ind Infantil Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal1MEXGARCIA FUENTES Matias Miguel NUEVO LEON7.903.274.63
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal2MEXRAMIREZ OLIVARES Sebastian JALISCO7.453.134.32
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal3MEXGODINEZ MAYORQUIN Angel Josue JALISCO7.132.984.15
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal4MEXPASQUEL JR Arnulfo TAMAULIPAS7.022.974.05
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal5MEXGARCIA TAVASCI Alejandro Gerardo NUEVO LEON6.952.904.05
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal6MEXHERNANDEZ GONZALEZ Diego Alejandro TAMAULIPAS6.832.853.98
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal7MEXCANTU CABALLERO Liam Leon NUEVO LEON6.602.733.87
 Ind Infantil Male-AFinal8MEXCERVANTES DE LEON Roberto Maximiliano NUEVO LEON6.352.623.73
Category: Ind Infantil Male-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals1MEXGARCIA FUENTES Matias Miguel NUEVO LEON7.773.234.53
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals2MEXRAMIREZ OLIVARES Sebastian JALISCO7.503.134.37
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals3MEXGODINEZ MAYORQUIN Angel Josue JALISCO7.273.074.20
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals4MEXGARCIA TAVASCI Alejandro Gerardo NUEVO LEON7.173.004.17
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals5MEXHERNANDEZ GONZALEZ Diego Alejandro TAMAULIPAS6.772.774.00
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals6MEXPASQUEL JR Arnulfo TAMAULIPAS6.732.803.93
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals7MEXCANTU CABALLERO Liam Leon NUEVO LEON6.702.803.90
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals8MEXCERVANTES DE LEON Roberto Maximiliano NUEVO LEON6.602.703.90
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals9MEXLUEVANO DELGADILLO Carlos Antonio AGUASCALIENTES6.332.733.60
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals10MEXALVAREZ MARTINEZ Evan IMSS6.072.633.43
 Ind Infantil Male-ASemifinals11MEXGARCIA PONCE DE LEON Dante Manolo CDMX3.771.272.50
Category: Ind Infantil Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal1MEXRODRIGUEZ DIAZ Genesis Renata JALISCO7.483.224.27
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal2MEXHERNANDEZ SALINAS Sofia JALISCO7.433.184.25
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal3MEXBARAJAS LOPEZ Azzareth JALISCO7.283.104.18
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal5MEXVILLEGAS CASTILLO Aylin Saori NUEVO LEON6.882.933.95
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal6MEXMOSL ROCK Chenoa QUINTANA ROO6.652.833.82
 Ind Infantil Female-AFinal8MEXPALAFOX LOZA Maria Jose JALISCO6.372.703.67
Category: Ind Infantil Female-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals1MEXHERNANDEZ SALINAS Sofia JALISCO7.373.204.17
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals2MEXBARAJAS LOPEZ Azzareth JALISCO7.073.034.03
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals3MEXRODRIGUEZ DIAZ Genesis Renata JALISCO7.002.974.03
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals4MEXVILLEGAS CASTILLO Aylin Saori NUEVO LEON6.932.934.00
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals5MEXPALAFOX LOZA Maria Jose JALISCO6.732.873.87
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals6MEXGARCIA PONCE DE LEON Misha Sofia CDMX6.632.873.77
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals7MEXMOSL ROCK Chenoa QUINTANA ROO6.402.703.70
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals8MEXCABALLERO SOLANO Pia Omara GUERRERO6.232.603.63
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals9MEXGUEVARA ROMERO Mia Victoria ZACATECAS6.202.603.60
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals10MEXFUENTES CASTORENA Vanessa NUEVO LEON6.172.673.50
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals11MEXSAUCEDO GOMEZ Mia Xiomara COAHUILA6.132.603.53
 Ind Infantil Female-ASemifinals12MEXVAN EIJSDEN GASCON Elena Queretaro6.072.533.53
Category: Ind Cadete Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal2MEXKIM LEE Alan Dae Yon NUEVO LEON7.303.134.17
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal3MEXPORTELA ROJAS Luis Roberto OAXACA7.283.104.18
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal4MEXLEE Min Jun CDMX7.233.104.13
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal5MEXBANDA SANTOS Sebastian Jaasiel COAHUILA7.223.074.15
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal6MEXHUERTA QUINTERO Matias Jorge JALISCO7.153.024.13
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal7MEXMENDOZA TAFFINDER Ian NUEVO LEON6.982.954.03
 Ind Cadete Male-AFinal8MEXGARCIA ORNELAS Sergio Osvaldo GUANAJUATO6.882.884.00
Category: Ind Cadete Male-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals2MEXHUERTA QUINTERO Matias Jorge JALISCO7.433.134.30
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals3MEXKIM LEE Alan Dae Yon NUEVO LEON7.303.104.20
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals5MEXLEE Min Jun CDMX7.273.104.17
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals6MEXGARCIA ORNELAS Sergio Osvaldo GUANAJUATO7.233.034.20
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals7MEXBANDA SANTOS Sebastian Jaasiel COAHUILA7.173.004.17
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals8MEXMENDOZA TAFFINDER Ian NUEVO LEON7.173.034.13
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals9MEX LIMAS MALDONADO Diego Armando NUEVO LEON7.102.934.17
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals10MEXALFEREZ GARRIDO Lucca Inaki Queretaro6.832.873.97
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals11MEXGALVAN ESCONTRILLAS Alan NUEVO LEON6.802.873.93
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals12MEXBRITO CRUZ Maximo Augusto TABASCO6.802.873.93
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals13MEXBRITO MONTERO Julio Cesar TABASCO6.732.833.90
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals14MEXCABALLERO RIOS Rafael NUEVO LEON6.732.833.90
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals15MEXGONZALEZ ROSAS Suriel JALISCO6.702.733.97
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals17MEXOH Se Jin NUEVO LEON6.672.803.87
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals18MEXMORAN LIZARRAGA Eidan Fabricio SINALOA6.602.803.80
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals19MEXGONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ  Luis Jesus GUANAJUATO6.502.703.80
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals20MEXGARCIA FARIAS Ernesto IMSS5.832.433.40
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals21MEXGARCIA MANCHA Angel Gael COAHUILA5.632.303.33
 Ind Cadete Male-ASemifinals24MEXMENDEZ CASTANEDA Rodolfo Guillermo Queretaro4.131.602.53
Category: Ind Cadete Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal1MEXLEE KIM Seo Yoon Sofia NUEVO LEON7.933.274.67
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal2MEXJIMENEZ OSUNA Fernanda SELECCION NACIONAL7.903.234.67
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal3MEXREYNOSO CARDENAS Stephanie Somayra BAJA CALIFORNIA7.633.174.47
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal4MEXGOMEZ EUDAVE Minerva JALISCO7.523.124.40
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal5MEXGALLEGOS GONZALEZ Azli OAXACA7.473.124.35
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal6MEXHERNANDEZ PEREZ Lanna Roberta NUEVO LEON7.383.074.32
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal7MEXANGUIANO HERNANDEZ Ana Yoali CDMX7.172.984.18
 Ind Cadete Female-AFinal8MEXSERNA GARCIA Ana Carolina NUEVO LEON6.972.854.12
Category: Ind Cadete Female-A, Round: Preliminary
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary1MEXLEE KIM Seo Yoon Sofia NUEVO LEON7.873.334.53
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary2MEXJIMENEZ OSUNA Fernanda SELECCION NACIONAL7.773.304.47
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary3MEXREYNOSO CARDENAS Stephanie Somayra BAJA CALIFORNIA7.603.234.37
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary4MEXHERNANDEZ PEREZ Lanna Roberta NUEVO LEON7.303.074.23
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary5MEXGOMEZ EUDAVE Minerva JALISCO7.272.974.30
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary6MEXGALLEGOS GONZALEZ Azli OAXACA7.273.034.23
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary7MEXMORALES BECERRA Maria Ines Queretaro7.133.074.07
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary8MEXVALDEZ REYES Estefany Aszenez EDOMEX7.133.004.13
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary9MEXGARCIA JIMENEZ Ximena TABASCO7.033.004.03
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary10MEXSANCHEZ AGUILAR Diana Sofia EDOMEX7.002.974.03
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary12MEXPRECIADO GASTELUM Maya Yelena JALISCO6.932.904.03
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary13MEXFLORES RIVERA Vanessa NUEVO LEON6.832.873.97
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary14MEXTAMAYO GONZALEZ Mariana Isabella JALISCO6.832.873.97
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary15MEXSERNA GARCIA Ana Carolina NUEVO LEON6.802.903.90
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary16MEXMULLER GONZALEZ Sophie Margareth QUINTANA ROO6.672.803.87
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary17MEXBORGONOVO LAGAYA Maria Giulia Queretaro6.602.733.87
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary18MEXCASTRO MONTOYA Dorely NUEVO LEON6.602.803.80
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary19MEXPACHECO JAUREGUI Ximena Alytzel JALISCO6.572.773.80
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary20MEXSANCHEZ AGUILAR Amanda Guadalupe EDOMEX6.472.703.77
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary21MEXMARTíNEZ TECUATL Ariadna PUEBLA6.432.673.77
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary22MEXJIMENEZ MONTES Perla Alejandra JALISCO6.432.773.67
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary23MEXCUEVAS MERCADO Ines Renata JALISCO6.432.703.73
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary24MEXROMERO MARTíNEZ Renata IPN TKD6.402.703.70
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary25MEXCARDENAS CHAVEZ Renata JALISCO6.372.633.73
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary26MEXMALDONADO CERDA Ximena SAN LUIS POTOSI6.272.633.63
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary27MEXSALDIVAR MONTEMAYOR Lorena NUEVO LEON6.272.633.63
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary28MEXCASTANEDA HUERTA Isabella CDMX6.232.633.60
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary29MEXITZA Camila QUINTANA ROO6.232.703.53
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary30MEXPATIñO GONZáLEZ Isabella NUEVO LEON5.702.333.37
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary31MEXCERVANTES DE LEON Yohana Valeria NUEVO LEON5.632.373.27
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary32MEXROJAS MARTINEZ Natalia Marlem IMSS5.602.333.27
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary33MEXFRíAS FLORES Nubialy PUEBLA5.532.303.23
 Ind Cadete Female-APreliminary34MEXCHABLE GUERRERO Jenifer Edith JALISCO4.871.902.97
Category: Ind Cadete Female-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals1MEXJIMENEZ OSUNA Fernanda SELECCION NACIONAL7.833.274.57
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals2MEXREYNOSO CARDENAS Stephanie Somayra BAJA CALIFORNIA7.833.304.53
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals3MEXLEE KIM Seo Yoon Sofia NUEVO LEON7.773.204.57
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals4MEXGOMEZ EUDAVE Minerva JALISCO7.473.104.37
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals5MEXHERNANDEZ PEREZ Lanna Roberta NUEVO LEON7.373.034.33
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals6MEXGALLEGOS GONZALEZ Azli OAXACA7.333.134.20
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals7MEXSERNA GARCIA Ana Carolina NUEVO LEON7.273.074.20
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals8MEXANGUIANO HERNANDEZ Ana Yoali CDMX7.273.104.17
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals9MEXGARCIA JIMENEZ Ximena TABASCO7.133.074.07
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals10MEXVALDEZ REYES Estefany Aszenez EDOMEX7.073.034.03
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals11MEXPRECIADO GASTELUM Maya Yelena JALISCO7.032.934.10
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals12MEXMORALES BECERRA Maria Ines Queretaro7.002.904.10
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals13MEXMULLER GONZALEZ Sophie Margareth QUINTANA ROO6.972.974.00
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals14MEXSANCHEZ AGUILAR Diana Sofia EDOMEX6.932.904.03
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals15MEXBORGONOVO LAGAYA Maria Giulia Queretaro6.872.933.93
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals16MEXFLORES RIVERA Vanessa NUEVO LEON6.772.803.97
 Ind Cadete Female-ASemifinals17MEXTAMAYO GONZALEZ Mariana Isabella JALISCO6.202.573.63
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