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Category  Round  
CategoryRoundRanking CountryCompetitorTeamAverageAccuracyPresentation
Category: Team Equipos Sub21 Male-A, Round: Final
 Team Equipos Sub21 Male-AFinal1 ELERIA GUERRERO Diego Alexander / LOBATO PRIETO Isaac Alejandro / MENDEZ ZENTELLA Brian Aleandro / TABASCO7.273.034.23
Category: Team Equipos Sub21 Female-A, Round: Final
 Team Equipos Sub21 Female-AFinal1 BAUTISTA ZUñIGA Karla Esmeralda / FLORES OLIVOS Ximena / ZENTENO HERNANDEZ Sulamita / APTKD6.722.853.87
Category: Pair Parejas Sub21-A, Round: Final
 Pair Parejas Sub21-AFinal1 ALEKC HERNANDEZ Brisa Alexandra / ANGUIANO HERNANDEZ Yael / CDMX7.333.034.30
 Pair Parejas Sub21-AFinal2 ELERIA GUERRERO Diego Alexander / PEREZ RODRIGUEZ Elizabeth / TABASCO6.902.824.08
 Pair Parejas Sub21-AFinal3 GUERRERO NUNEZ Jesus / GUERRERO NUNEZ Karla Ixchell / Asociacion Guerrerense De Taekwondo6.232.583.65
Category: Ind Sub21 Male-A, Round: Final
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal3MEXALGER VELASCO Alec YUCATAN7.483.174.32
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal4MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Roy Gamaliel AGUASCALIENTES7.453.124.33
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal5MEXSEVILLA FLORES Andres SELECCION JALISCO7.373.034.33
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal6MEXGARCIA AMEZCUA Cesar Emilio SELECCION JALISCO7.283.024.27
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal7MEXLOMELI FLORES Cristian Daniel SELECCION JALISCO7.172.984.18
 Ind Sub21 Male-AFinal8MEXLOBATO PRIETO Isaac Alejandro TABASCO7.173.004.17
Category: Ind Sub21 Male-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals1MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Obed AGUASCALIENTES7.773.274.50
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals2MEXGALINDO GUTIERREZ Josue SELECCION JALISCO7.673.174.50
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals3MEXSEVILLA FLORES Andres SELECCION JALISCO7.333.104.23
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals4MEXGARCIA AMEZCUA Cesar Emilio SELECCION JALISCO7.273.034.23
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals5MEXLOMELI FLORES Cristian Daniel SELECCION JALISCO7.203.004.20
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals6MEXALGER VELASCO Alec YUCATAN7.172.974.20
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals7MEXMARTINEZ MEDINA Roy Gamaliel AGUASCALIENTES7.132.934.20
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals8MEXLOBATO PRIETO Isaac Alejandro TABASCO7.133.004.13
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals9MEXGUTIERREZ GUERRERO Diego Emiliano AGUASCALIENTES7.002.834.17
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals10MEXOJEDA JURAIDINI Said Queretaro6.932.904.03
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals11MEXGóMEZ VARELA Zahir APTKD6.672.733.93
 Ind Sub21 Male-ASemifinals12MEXGUERRERO NUNEZ Jesus Asociacion Guerrerense De Taekwondo6.202.533.67
Category: Ind Sub21 Female-A, Round: Final
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal1MEXALEKC HERNANDEZ Brisa Alexandra CDMX7.653.284.37
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal2MEX LOZOYA REYES Thelma Victoria NUEVO LEON7.533.234.30
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal3MEXAGUIñAGA SOLIS Valeria SELECCION JALISCO7.423.184.23
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal4MEXHERNANDEZ LE ROYAL Gabriela Guadalupe OAXACA7.373.124.25
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal5MEXISLAS QUEZADA Cristina AGUASCALIENTES7.323.124.20
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal6MEXGUERRERO GARCIA Alejandra NUEVO LEON7.283.124.17
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal7MEXGARCIA ESCOBAR Sara EDOMEX7.233.074.17
 Ind Sub21 Female-AFinal8MEXFLORES OLIVOS Ximena APTKD6.572.703.87
Category: Ind Sub21 Female-A, Round: Semifinals
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals1MEXHERNANDEZ LE ROYAL Gabriela Guadalupe OAXACA7.633.274.37
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals2MEXALEKC HERNANDEZ Brisa Alexandra CDMX7.603.274.33
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals3MEXAGUIñAGA SOLIS Valeria SELECCION JALISCO7.533.204.33
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals4MEX LOZOYA REYES Thelma Victoria NUEVO LEON7.503.174.33
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals5MEXISLAS QUEZADA Cristina AGUASCALIENTES7.473.174.30
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals6MEXGUERRERO GARCIA Alejandra NUEVO LEON7.373.104.27
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals7MEXFLORES OLIVOS Ximena APTKD7.373.134.23
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals8MEXGARCIA ESCOBAR Sara EDOMEX7.333.174.17
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals9MEXCOMPARAN LUNA Dayra Mariana SELECCION JALISCO7.303.104.20
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals10MEXVELASCO HERNANDEZ Sofia Ayelen AGUASCALIENTES7.203.104.10
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals11MEXMAGDALENO SANTOS Sofia AGUASCALIENTES7.133.074.07
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals12MEXQUINTERO CASTILLO Marcela NUEVO LEON7.133.034.10
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals13MEXZENTENO HERNANDEZ Sulamita APTKD6.972.934.03
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals14MEXMENDOZA GARCIA Alexandra SELECCION JALISCO6.932.904.03
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals15MEXFIGEROA AREVALO Matilda APTKD6.832.973.87
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals16MEXPEDROZA JIMENEZ Fernanda Carolina AGUASCALIENTES6.702.733.97
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals17MEXHERNANDEZ DIAZ Zara CDMX6.532.773.77
 Ind Sub21 Female-ASemifinals18MEXBAUTISTA ZUñIGA Karla Esmeralda APTKD6.432.733.70
Category: Free Ind FS individual Sub21 Male-A, Round: Final
 Free Ind FS individual Sub21 Male-AFinal1MEXGALINDO GUTIERREZ Josue SELECCION JALISCO7.304.303.00
Category: Free Ind FS individual Sub21 Female-A, Round: Final
 Free Ind FS individual Sub21 Female-AFinal1MEXTORRES SANCHEZ Maria Jose SELECCION JALISCO3.802.071.73
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